Installment #1 in the Steven Crane Go Mystery Series

Stop, Go, Murder is a story about murder, the game of Go, and the role of happenstance in shaping our lives. It is the first novel for Paul Freeman, who before turning to fiction has worn many hats: as a consultant to a Nobel laureate; as an international elections observer; as a corporate, non-profit and political strategist; and as mayor of Laguna Beach, California.

About the Story

When a struggling ex-gangster learns his former boss has been murdered, he hatches a blackmail scheme, then targets possible suspects. And the race is on: he must complete his rounds before the killer is caught by a detective, Steven Crane, who lately sees his life, and his current case, as a bad game of Go, the ancient board game of strategy and his obsession. Eventually the awkward, erudite detective pegs a charismatic all-night donut cafe owner as the one who holds the key – not to solving the case; to unlocking his dormant heart.

Read about Paul Freeman and his exciting novel from the Laguna Beach Independent.

About GO

Go, invented more than 2,500 years ago, is the oldest strategic board game in continuous play. 45 million people in 75 countries enjoy it today, with the strongest professionals competing in China, Japan and Korea.
The rules of Go are simple enough, as is the goal – surround and control more space than your opponent. Yet it’s a game that because of its beauty and complexity becomes, for many, so much more than merely a game.
“Go can take on other meanings to its devotees: an analogy for life, an intense meditation, a mirror of one’s personality, an exercise in abstract reasoning, a mental ‘workout’ or, when played well, a beautiful art in which black and white dance in delicate balance…” Source: American Go Assn.
From the preface of the book The Way to Go, by Karl Baker: “The game of GO is the essence of simplicity and the ultimate in complexity all at the same time.”
Download The Way to Go for free, if you want to know more. Find it under “Learn to Play” at:
The American Go Association is a solid resource for information on Go. Check back here at this web site periodically, for announcements concerning the Steven Crane Go Mystery series. The second installment is anticipated for release in early 2019.

Stop, Go, Murder Paperback

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